Sunday, May 22, 2011

UnGit Weekend day 2

Again, I am trying to relax and take this weekend off from much Git activity.

Which usually means that I am doing some random reading and other learning activities that are totally unrelated to computers.

Today, I learned how to deconstruct the word "mesothelioma". Somehow I always thought incorrectly that the word has something to do with "stone" and related to "rock wool", but it is broken down to mesos above - thele nipple - oma tumor, and does not have anything to do with asbestos.

It's funny that I got interested in a topic so remote from my ordinary life. The topic happened to be brought up when my wife was talking about a TV drama she recently watched. The last time I saw asbestos was probably in a middle school science class where we heated a beaker with some liquid in it on a wire-mesh with the material in the center with a bunsen burner underneath the whole contraption. Luckily I do not have any contact with the stuff in my real life, and I assume that science labs these days use some alternative material, probably ceramics or something. I also recall using glass wool in science lab for something, but it seems that it also is considered possible carcinogen these days.

Times change. When I was in high school which admittedly was a long time ago, synthesizing nitroglycerin in science club's lab and using it in an explosive experiment on the rooftop of the school was considered no more than just a minor mischief. Probably teachers wouldn't let their students run so wild as our time these days, fearing accidents and litigation...

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