Monday, May 23, 2011

Cycle 1.7.6, day #1 of week #5

The next release is slowly but steadily taking shape, and overall things look very reasonable. The original schedule was to freeze new features at the end of this month and tag 1.7.6-rc0 on June 1st, and it does not seem an unreasonable goal to achieve.

In the upcoming release, we will have the magic pathspec to let you say "add -u :/" to operate on the whole tree, various working tree commands that use "add -p" machinery got updated, some updates to "diff --dirstat", "git log" can show annotations from more than one notes namespace, "git merge -" can be used to merge the branch you just switched out of, etc. etc.

Also we should be able to merge in the initial round of i18n message markings for the scripted Porcelain part before the feature freeze.

See the latest "What's cooking" summary sent to the list for details.

Commented on 16 topics.
Queued 22 patches from 6 people.
Merged 8 topics to 'master' branch, to include in the next release.
Merged 9 topics to 'next' branch for public testing.

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