Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cycle 1.7.6, day #4 of week #4

Re-rolled two topics I worked on recently (streaming read from object store, and removing notes from many objects at once) and sent them out to the list for review.

Issued the periodical "What's cooking" summary.

The band-aid to merge-recursive that has been cooking since 1.7.4 timeframe seems to be broken. Decided to revert it from master, even though reverting would unmask some other breakage the band-aid was hiding. We might even have to revert a yet another older topic, but I am hoping it does not have to happen. The merge-recursive implementation needs to be rewritten someday in such a way that it resolves renames and D/F conflicts entirely in-core and not to touch working tree at all while doing so. It seems to be working most of the time, but its D/F conflict resolution code is beyond salvaging. Until I can find a time to rewrite the entire thing, we need to keep the current code working as an insurance.

Cut the maintenance release.

Reviewed and commented on 11 topics.
Queued 24 patches from 4 people.
Merged 12 topics to 'master' branch, to include in the next release.
Merged 4 topics to 'next' branch for public testing.

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