Thursday, June 21, 2012


It is a bit embarrassing but it turns out that all cross links in the HTML version of manual pages in Git 1.7.11 were missing, so a brown-paper-bag maintenance release is out.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Git and Git 1.7.11-rc1

All the fixes to 1.7.10.x maintenance track that have been cooking on the master branch have also been merged and release has been pushed out. Hopefully this will be the last release from the 1.7.10.x track. For the list of changes in this release, please see its release notes.

Finally 1.7.11-rc1 has been tagged. We originally wanted to keep this cycle on the shorter side of the 8-10 week release cycle, so that the end of the next cycle would coincide better with the end of GSoC, but it appears that it is looking like somewhat a lost cause. In any case, this marks the end of feature tweaks and bugfixes in this cycle and the focus shifts to finding and fixing regressions introduced since 1.7.10.

Please download, build and test the release candidate so that users do not have to suffer from regressions in the final 1.7.11 release.