Thursday, May 26, 2011

Getting used to Blogger

I used to use LiveJournal but I was getting too many comment spam and switched to Blogger. I am not suffering from spam anymore (or not yet?). It could be just because not many people know that this blog exists (yet). Or perhaps Blogger is doing much better job than LiveJournal fighting spam. I don't know (yet).

One thing I very much like about this new location is that fairly detailed access statistics comes for free. It is fun to see accesses not only from North America but also from Japan and Europe, when readers are active, and whatnot. Also I notice that fairly large number of people used to come from just after I switched here, but not anymore (for an obvious reason - they still point at the old LiveJournal site, whose last article was my announcement to move here).

The ads also come for free, but LiveJournal also had ads, so I think that it is not a huge regression. Looking at the access statistics from many different countries, I wonder if people are shown tailored ads depending on where they come from, and if their clicks are costing very different amount to the advertisers, things like that.

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