Friday, May 13, 2011

Cycle 1.7.6, day #5 of week #3

Back-merged a handful of topics that have been out on the 'master' branch to 'maint', in preparation of the next maintenance release  Also merged topics that have been cooking in 'next' down to 'master'. The cycle is progressing smoothly, even though I haven't managed to advance the "magic pathspec" topic I wanted to have in 1.7.6 fully cooked yet.

The streaming interface is coming along slowly but steadily. It mostly is looking at the "slurp everthing into the memory" implementations in sha1_file.c and figuring out how to restructure the existing code there.

Reviewed and commented on 5 topics.
Queued 21 patches from 3 people.
Merged 8 topics to 'master' branch, to include in the next release.
Merged 7 topics to 'maint' branch, to include in the maintenance release.