Monday, July 22, 2013


The latest maintenance release Git v1.8.3.4 is now available at the usual places. This is mostly to propagate documentation fixes and test updates from the master front back to the maintenance track, but there are a handful of minor fixes as well:

  • The bisect log listed incorrect commits when bisection ends with only skipped ones.
  • The test coverage framework was left broken for some time.
  • The test suite for HTTP transport did not run with Apache 2.4.
  • "git diff" used to fail when core.safecrlf is set and the working tree contents had mixed CRLF/LF line endings. Committing such a content must be prohibited, but "git diff" should help the user to locate and fix such problems without failing.
These fixes are already on the 'master' branch to be included in upcoming Git 1.8.4. Hopefully we can do its zeroth release candidate preview early this week.

Have fun.