Friday, May 24, 2013

Git 1.8.3 and even more leftover bits

The 1.8.3 release has finally been tagged and pushed out to the usual places. Also the release tarballs at are back.

For a list of highlights, please see the previous post on -rc2; not much has changed since then.

During the last development cycle including its pre-release feature freeze, a few more interesting topics were discussed, and at this moment there aren't actual patches or design work.

[Previous list of "leftover bits" is here]
  • "git config", when removing the last variable in a section, leaves an empty section header behind. Anybody who wants to improve this needs to consider ramifications of leaving or removing comments.
    Cf. $gmane/219524
  • [STARTED AND THEN STALLED] Add "git pull --merge" option to explicitly override configured pull.rebase=true. Make "git pull" that does not say how to integrate fail when the result does not fast-forward, and advise the user to say --merge/--rebase explicitly or configure pull.rebase=[true|false]. An unconfigured pull.rebase and pull.rebase that is explicitly set to false would mean different things (the former will trigger the "fast-forward or die" check, the latter does the "pull = fetch + merge".
    Cf. $gmane/225326
  • Teach more commands that operate on branch names about "-" shorthand for "the branch we were previously on", like we did for "git merge -" sometime after we introduced "git checkout -".
    Cf. $gmane/230828
  • Proofread our documentation set, and update to reduce newbie confusion around "remote", "remote-tracking branch", use of the verb "to track", and "upstream".
    Cf. $gmane/230786.

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