Friday, January 6, 2012

Git 1.7.9-rc0 and

I just tagged Git 1.7.9-rc0, which is the zeroth release candidate in the sense that it is supposed to be almost feature complete and marks the beginning of feature freeze.

We have achieved quite a lot during this cycle. All the new things that we initially listed that we want to have are in it:

  • Better and more auditable communication in pull based workflow by supporting electronically signed pull requests that records more meaningful branch description;
  • More pleasant end-user experience by providing credential helper API to allow platform native keychain implementations to supply authentication material during "git push" and "git pull";
  • i18n of messages out of the end-user facing programs; and
  • Better large-contents support.
Even though we didn't originally plan to, this also includes support for signed commits as a part of the first topic in the above list.

I also tagged from the tip of the maintenance track. The fixes in this maintenance release are all included in 1.7.9-rc0 release.

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