Monday, June 6, 2011

Trying VTA light rail

My wife wants to visit her friend in Mountain View tomorrow. Luckily the VTA light rail train stops within a walking distance from where we live, and it goes directly to downtown Mountain View.

She wanted to run a reconnaissance mission, and I was curious to try out public transportation. It was a pleasant 30-minute ride. It would have taken only 15 minutes if we drove, but we both hate driving, and we didn't mind the extra 15 minutes we spent together.

During the 10+ years I lived in Los Angeles (south bay area), I think I took public transportation only twice. It was more than twenty-minute walk from where I lived back then to the nearest bus stop. Even though where I was going was directly on the bus route, driving felt a lot more convenient. I never liked it. But I liked VTA light rail train ride. It was relaxing.

Perhaps my wife can take the VTA to the downtown in late afternoon and I can take the commuter shuttle to meet her after work, and we can have a dinner date and come home on train during the weekdays. We should have thought of it earlier.

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