Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cycle 1.7.6, day #3 of week #7

Jeff King was in town and together with Shawn we had lunch and exchanged gossip about many other git people behind their back (no, we actually didn't badmouth any of them).

Noticed that our call to zlib, when we feed a large blob to it from memory in one go, was totally busted. Sent out a fix for one instance, hoping that others may find a better way to address this issue by coming up with an easy to use wrapper and then fixing all instances of such incorrect uses using it, including this one.

Spent way too much time reading and regurgitating recent list discussions and patches that came after -rc0, and forgot that I was supposed to tag -rc1 today. Starting the integration cycle late in the afternoon is never a good idea.

In any case, updated the draft release notes, and pushed out 1.7.6-rc1. I am hoping that we won't need -rc3 and can release the final in two weeks. Knock wood...

Commented on 11 topics.
Tagged v1.7.6-rc1.
Queued 7 patches from 4 people.

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