Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Git Rev News

Christian Couder (who is known for his work enhancing the "git bisect" command several years ago) and Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen (who hosts a popular podcast GitMinutes) started producing a newsletter for Git development community and named it Git Rev News.

Here is what the newsletter is about in their words:

Our goal is to aggregate and communicate some of the activities on the Git mailing list in a format that the wider tech community can follow and understand. In addition, we'll link to some of the interesting Git-related articles, tools and projects we come across.

This edition covers what happened during the month of March 2015.

As one of the people who still remembers "Git Traffic", which was meant to be an ongoing summary of the Git mailing list traffic but disappeared after publishing its first and only issue, I find this a very welcome development. Because our mailing list is a fairly high-volume one, it is almost impossible to keep up with everything that happens there, unless you are actively involved in the development process.

I hope their effort will continue and benefit the wider Git ecosystem. You can help them out in various ways if you are interested.

  • They are not entirely happy with how the newsletter is formatted. If you are handy with HTML, CSS or some blog publishing platforms, they would appreciate help in this area.
  • They are not paid full-time editors but doing this as volunteers. They would appreciate editorial help as well.
  • You can contribute by writing your own articles that summarize the discussions you found interesting on the mailing list.

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