Monday, March 18, 2013

A bit annoyed by LinkedIn Endorsements

A few times a week, I get "X endorsed your skills and expertise" e-mail messages from LinkedIn, listing people from my past and present. One of the embarrassing ones I saw the other day was an endorsement on "Linux Kernel", made by somebody who used to work as a receptionist at a small company I used to be at several years ago. She didn't know (and need to know) what technical work I did back then, I do not think she changed her career to know what technical work I do these days, and most importantly, I do not do the Kernel X-<.

And then today I got endorsement from a few Git people on "Ruby", but I know they know I do not do Ruby (not that I hate the language or its ecosystem; it is just I didn't get around to touch it).

I was told by the former receptionist that LinkedIn nags every once in a while to give endorsement to others and it is very easy to click on it, only to dismiss the nagging message, and ending up giving such irrelevant endorsements.

It is mildly annoying. Just as annoying as that big red "unread count" number I see on the right top corner of the Gmail window.

Grumpy I am.

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