Sunday, February 24, 2013

More leftover bits

I've spent the past few days to see if there were discussions that are worth salvaging but somehow petered out without reaching conclusion, veered into tangent, or did not even start.

I tried to be fairly thorough, but I am sure I have missed some. Note that I deliberately excluded ones that fall into the Nobody who knows what they are talking about has any idea how to approach this feature category. I also left out discussions that are fairly young, hoping that they will stay alive without me keeping track of them.
  • Teach "--first-parent" to "git rebase" to deal better with a history with (possibly evil) merges from side branches.
    Cf. $gmane/198516
  • More fixes to bring sanity to "git diff --no-index", some discussed in the thread are definitely worthwhile, while some others are not.
    Cf. $gmane/200769
  • The name sanitization code may be overly conservative.
    Cf. $gmane/200823
  • The behaviour of "git filter-branch" around annotated tag may be under-documented to cause misunderstanding on the user's part, or it could be simply buggy.
    Cf. $gmane/212353
  • Annotating a pair of commit objects and trigger interesting behaviour when they both appear in the history.
    Cf. $gmane/212570
  • Make it safer to export mandir, htmldir, etc. from the top-level to Documentation/ Makefile.
    Cf. $gmane/216222
  • Allow escaping glob metacharacters in .gitattributes.
    Cf. $gmane/212631
  • Remove contrib/ciabot/.
    Cf. $gmane/212649
  • The return value from getenv(3) may be volatile across calls.
    Cf. $gmane/212660
  • Support VPATH build
    Cf. $gmane/212744
  • Build on "custom comment char" to make it "custom comment prefix string", e.g. "## ".
    Cf. $gmane/213802
  • Serving "git archive" over smart-http.
    Cf. $gmane/213243
  • "git fetch --deepen"?
    Cf. $gmane/213180 $gmane/212950
  • Perhaps reword some questions from "send-email"
    Cf. $gmane/213233
  • Improve "git remote -v" output to show where these URLs come from?
    Cf. $gmane/213806
  • Perhaps add a robust "shell portability check" mode for test scripts?
    Cf. $gmane/214709
  • Perhaps treat failures to write to a hook process that did not consume its input as success?
    Cf. $gmane/213548
  • "git rm -u"?
  • Cf. $gmane/213993
  • "git submodule foreach --untracked"
    Cf. $gmane/214860
  • [DONE] Prepare to change the default behaviour when "git add -u/-A" is run without pathspec with Git 2.0
    Cf. $gmane/214822
  • Perhaps concatenate young and small packs into one as a cheap repack?
    Cf. $gmane/215288
  • Align the logic format-patch decides to omit S-o-b to that is used by cherry-pick and commit.
    Cf. $gmane/216026
  • Allow installation filemode to be tweaked.
    Cf. $gmane/215119
  • "git log --cc" without other diff format specifiers like --raw should imply "--cc -p".
    Cf. $gmane/215470
  • [DONE] Perhaps "git grep" may want to pay attention to --textconv.
    Cf. $gmane/215385
  • Perhaps forbid "log --graph --no-walk", as --graph is about connected history while --no-walk is about discrete points?
    Cf. $gmane/216083
  • Possible merge-recursive corner case bug?
    Cf. $gmane/216117
  • Complete smart HTTP protocol documentation?
    Cf. $gmane/216262
  • Perhaps include an artificial HEAD to a bundle when HEAD is not specified from the command line?
    Cf. $gmane/216401
  • Restructure the revision parsing loop in bundle.c:create_bundle() to remove duplicates correctly, e.g. "git bundle create t.bundle master heads/master"
    Cf. $gmane/225837
  • Come up with a better default selection logic than the tentative "use the remote-tracking branch of the destination" for --force-with-lease option
    Cf. $gmane/230483
  • Force "git format-patch" (or at least allow it to be configured back to normal, when the user wants to use nonstandard settings for other commands) to use standard --commit-abbrev and --no-numstat settings.
  • Discuss and decide if we want to choose between the "mode word" UI (e.g. "git submodule add") and the "mode option" UI (e.g. "git tag --delete") and standardise on one; if it turns out to be a good idea, devise the migration plan to break the backward-compatibility.
    Cf. $gmane/231478