Friday, May 25, 2012

Git and Git 1.7.11-rc0

Two releases for a day.

The third maintenance release for 1.7.10.X series fixes a handful of regressions in previous 1.7.10.X releases.

On the master front, 1.7.11-rc0 is out.  Treat it as a preview of the real release candidate for the next big releasethere still are several topics cooking in the next branch to shake out possible new bugs to make sure we can have a solid 1.7.11 release.

The most notable, from the long-term point of view, is the introduction of the simple push mode (credit goes to Matthieu Moy), which would hopefully prove to be a good default for new users until they configure the push.default to suit the requirement of their project.  With this, running git push or git push origin without saying which branches and/or tags to update what on the remote side from either command line or from the remote.$name.push configuration will only push the current branch to the branch of the same name on the other side, but only if the current branch is configured to use the branch on the other side as its upstream.

Have fun.

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