Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I just tagged and pushed out the first maintenance release to the 1.7.9 released earlier.

It also contains fixes to older bugs and misfeatures, but this release, from my point of view, is primarily to fix user experience kinks in new features introduced in the 1.7.9 release, namely:

  • Typo in "git branch --edit-description my-tpoic" was not diagnosed.
  • "git merge --no-edit $tag" failed to honor the --no-edit option.
  • "git merge --ff-only $tag" failed because it cannot record the required mergetag without creating a merge, but this is so common operation for branch that is used only to follow the upstream, so it was changed to allow fast-forwarding without recording the mergetag.
  • When asking for a tag to be pulled, "request-pull" did not show the name of the tag prefixed with "tags/", which would have helped older clients.

Hopefully with this maintenance release, there no longer is a reason (or excuse) for users to stay at a version older than 1.7.9 release.


Thermskin said...

Can you please fix Novell share commit error. In version commit to Novell share works.

Best regards,

Gitster said...

What issue? Patches welcome.

Thermskin said...


Well I am not a programmer so I can't pin point where is the problem but here is the link that explains (I hope so). After going back to I can commit to novell share BUT cant pull from github :-)

So now I'm mingle with two versions of git latest one and and just changing git.exe i settings :-)

Here is the link:

Best regards,

P.S. Where can I post issue for git?

Gitster said...

Thermskin, I think you answered your own question by citing a gmane URL.

That is a mirror of the msysgit mailing list (the guys who develop the port of git for Windows platform) and they are the ones who can help you.