Monday, April 25, 2011

Cycle 1.7.6, day #1 of week #1

Created a calendar to keep track of the progress of 1.7.6 cycle. If you happen to use Google Calendar, you can paste:

in the "Other calendars" box (where a gray "Add a friend's calendar" appears), but you won't be missing much even if you don't (I only have week numbers and the target tagging dates, nothing more interesting than that). The plan for 1.7.6 cycle can also be seen at Post 1.7.5 plans.

Updated the "Note from the Maintainer". Unlike the previous updates, rewrote many parts of it to shorten the document, and added the "Reporting bugs" section.

Discussed CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS gotcha with Shawn, and sent out one patch to the list for review.

Reviewed and commented on 13 topics.

After giving them another review, merged 30 topics for public testing on 'next'; the majority of the topics are what have been already cooking during the feature freeze period at the end of the previous cycle.